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Care Consultation

Care Consultation is a telephone-based information and support service for older adults with health challenges and their family or friend caregivers. Care Consultation provides ongoing, personalized guidance to help find practical solutions to health- and care-related concerns. Care Consultation is done by phone; clients do not have to leave their homes to use the service.



•  Adults 50 years of age and older who have one or more health conditions

•  Family or friend caregivers of any age

Types of Assistance

  • Health- and care-related information – receive helpful information by mail or e-mail on where to look for information on health conditions, caregiving, and more

  • Family and friend involvement in care – identify ways to involve and strengthen support from family and friends who do not currently help but are willing to assist

  • Awareness and use of community services – determine the types of services needed, how to get and use services, and what to expect from services

  • Coaching and support – receive practical solutions to address concerns about care and ongoing feedback on recommended tasks through follow-up calls

Talk to the Care Consultant about:

•  Personal and household care

•  Medicare, Medicaid, and insurances

•  Home safety

•  Legal and financial issues

•  Family communication

•  Balancing caregiving with other responsibilities

•  Planning for future care

•  Other concerns about health and care

Proven Impact

Care Consultation was developed and tested through research studies by the Margaret Blenkner Research Institute of Benjamin Rose. These studies involved older adults with health challenges and their family caregivers. Care Consultation is recognized as an award-winning, evidence-based program because participants experienced many positive benefits, including:

•  Improved Care

•  Less Stress

•  Fewer Visits to the Emergency Department and Hospital

•  Delayed Nursing Home Placement

Learn More/Make a Referral

To find out more about Care Consultation or to get started today, contact or call 216.791.8000.



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