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Current Mythbusters

Mitzie Verne

Mitzie Verne

"You always have to be looking forward, planning things for the future." Read more


herb aschermanHERB ASCHERMAN, jR.

"Make every day count by doing things to make or keep you happy. " Read more


Florence Pollack


Florence K.Z. Pollack

"Get up in the morning and tell yourself: This is going to be a great day. And when you do, start stretching, immediately!" Read more


Senior Games Cleveland

Cleveland was proud host to the 2012 Ohio Senior Olympics and the 2013 Summer National Senior Games!

In addition to hosting the competitions themselves, Cleveland created the "Year of Vitality" community programming series to promote active lifestyles for people over age 50. As part of this celebration of active aging, the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging created a calendar recognizing athletic "MythBusters." The 2013 Calendar featured athletes like Jeannie Rice, Walt Westermann and others, who are aged 65 and older and continue to defy the myths of aging!

jeanne riceJeannie Rice

"You have to take time for yourself, take time to recharge, take time to unwind from the everyday stress that comes with just living. For me, that's when I'm running." Read more


walt westermanWalt Westerman

"I've always been the kind of person who says: Today was a good day, and I hope that tomorrow is a better one."

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karen wittrockKaren Wittrock

"Winning shouldn't be the only reason you are active and exercising and training for a sport. When you are active, you are taking care of yourself. And you are healthier."

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Ron BellRonald Bell

"I love what I do, and I love this community. Anyone who lives in a community as long as my wife and I have has responsibilities. We have taken from the community — our entire living has been taken from the community — and we feel that we should give back."

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Corky Carlcorky carl

"Just because you can't do it yet doesn't mean you can't do it."

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"Being able to put one foot in front of the other and being able to keep going, being able and capable of doing what you want to do."

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George RiserGeorge Riser

"I'm involved in senior athletics for two reasons. One is for my own personal health and fitness. The other is to promote good health for everyone, not just older adults." Read more


oldies goodiesOldies But Goodies

"The main thing to me is attitude. You have to be comfortable with your age, no matter what it is." Read more

Ann McGovernannE Mcgovern

"I like it when people ask me how old I am, because that means they are wondering how I'm staying so fit and active."

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FischlinJudy Fischlin

"We don't grow old by playing, we grow old when we stop playing."

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Carlo WolffCarlo Wolff

"Playing [table tennis] keeps me relatively sharp and trim. But that's not the only thing. There's self-regard, too. I don't want to just sit around. If I'm going to sit, I want to sit after a good game, after I'm tired." Read more