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BENJAMIN ROSE INSTITUTE ON AGING presentations at gerontological society of america scientific meeting

Contact: Jeanne Hoban, 216.373.1686,

Researchers from Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging will present 12 posters, symposia and papers at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) held in Boston, November 14-18. Benjamin Rose presenters will address a wide range of topics including elder abuse and self-neglect among older adults, interventions for individuals with dementia and their caregivers, LGBTQ aging, and pet ownership.

Also at the GSA conference, Carol Whitlatch, PhD, Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director of the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose, will be awarded the M. Powell Lawton Award. The award, which recognizes outstanding contributions from applied gerontological research that have benefited older people and their care, will be presented during the M Powell Lawton Award Lecture at 3:30pm on Thursday, November 15.
Below is the schedule of presentations by Benjamin Rose (BRIA) researchers (in bold face) and colleagues:


2:30pm-2:00pm-Room 108-Symposium Paper: Interventions to Promote Health and Aging

iPad Shared Care Intervention for Heart-Failure Care Partners, Margaret Sebern, Marquette University, Carol J. Whitlatch, BRIA, Nasir Sulemanjee, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, M. Garnier, Marquette University

6:00pm-8:00pm-Hall C-Poster

Trust in the Doctor-Patient Relationship Enhances Well-Being and Life Satisfaction Among Older LGBTQ People, Minzhi Ye, BRIA, Boaz Kahana, Cleveland State University, Eva Kahana, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Siyue Xu, CWRU


12:00pm-1:30pm-Room 209-Symposium

Provision of Purpose: Pet Ownership and Maintaining Health and Well-being in Older Adulthood. Chair: Jessica Bibbo, BRIA; Co-Chair: M. K. Mueller, Tufts University; Discussant: Deborah E. Linder, Tufts University

1:00pm-3:00pm-Hall C-Poster

Preliminary Results of a Group Music Intervention for Persons With Dementia Using Retired Volunteers as Leaders, Silvia Orsulic-Jeras, BRIA, Sarah Nicolay, BRIA

3:30pm-5:00pm-Room 206-M. Powell Lawton Award Lecture

Confucius vs. Einstein: Who Would be a Better Gerontologist?, Xi Dong, Rutgers University

Award presentation to the 2018 recipient, Carol Whitlatch, PhD, BRIA

5:30pm-7:00pm-Room 210-Symposium Paper

Factors Influencing Quality of Life in African American Dementia Dyads, K. Bonds, Carol Whitlatch, BRIA Karen Lyons, Oregon Health & Science University

5:30pm-7:00pm-Room 108-Symposium

Impacts and Issues of Pet Ownership for Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Chair: Jessica Bibbo, BRIA; Co-Chair: Nancy Gee, Fredonia State University of New York; Discussant: Rebecca Huss, Valparaiso University

Friday, November 16

1:00pm-3:00pm-Hall C-Poster

Is Caregiving a Risk Factor in Transgender-Identified Persons?, Sara Powers, BRIA, Ruth Walker, Missouri State University, Tarynn Witten, Virginia Commonwealth University

Saturday, November 17

8:30am-10:00am-Berkeley Room-Roundtable

ESPO International Task Force Roundtable. Co-Chairs: Minzhi Ye, BRIA, Joonsik Yoon, Syracuse University

3:00pm-4:30pm-Room 209-Symposium

International Perspectives on Four Decision-Support Interventions in Community-Based Dementia Care. Chair: M. H. C. Bleijlevens, Maastricht University; Co-Chair: T. Thoma-Luerken, Maastricht University; Discussant: Carol Whitlatch, BRIA

The SHARE for Dementia Program: Translation of an Early-Stage Dyadic Care Planning Intervention, Silvia Orsulic-Jeras, BRIA, Carol Whitlatch, BRIA

3:00pm-4:30pm-Liberty Ballroom-Symposium

Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation: Comparing Studies in the United States and Asia. Chair: Minzhi Ye, BRIA
Embedding Adult Protective Service Workers in a Health Care System to Identify and Report Elder Abuse, Farida Ejaz, BRIA, Courtney Reynolds, BRIA, Minzhi Ye, BRIA

Sunday, November 18

10:00am-11:30am-Republic Room-Paper

Interventions for Self-Neglect and Abuse of Older Adults and Other Adult Health Care Patients, Miriam Rose, BRIA, Farida Ejaz, BRIA, Ray Kirsch, Texas APS, Catherine Bingle, Texas APS, Debra Billa, WellMed Foundation

About Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging: Founded in 1908, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging ( is a Cleveland-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance support for older adults and caregivers. Our work is accomplished by deepening the understanding of their evolving needs in a changing society; developing and delivering innovative, high-quality solutions; and promoting effective public policies.