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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging provides licensing, training and technical support to organizations offering SHARE. SHARE provides organizations with tools to help their clients voice their preferences for care, and facilitate communication with loved ones, in the early stages of dementia.

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SHARESHARE is an evidence-based care-planning program that provides professionals with the tools they need to help families facing an early-stage dementia diagnosis.

The goals of SHARE are to:

Support care partners and help them communicate effectively and plan for the future

Promote Health and well-being, and decrease stress

Encourage participation in fulfilling Activities

Learn about available Resources that reflect care partners’ values and preferences

Provide Education about dementia and how to manage changes that lie ahead.

proven to be effective through rigorous research!

Outcomes Include: High program satisfaction, improved communication, increased use of services, and development of a care plan for the future.

SHARE counselors receive a comprehensive toolkit to help them guide families through the 5-session program (plus optional family session).

"There are some very powerful conversations during
the SHARE sessions. Each person has permission
to care for themselves, and the person who has
dementia is confident that their care partner will
make good decisions down the road."
~ SHARE Counselor

*iPad not included

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Each SHARE session is designed to engage both the person with early-stage dementia and their care partner in discussions about symptoms, communication, care values and preferences, healthy activities and planning for the future.

Share for Dementia is being adapted for chronic conditions with support from The Retirement Research Foundation. Click here to learn more.

*Share for Dementia and design is a service mark of Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.