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Care Partners

By Orion Bell | 11/21/2019

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging held its annual Caregiving Conference earlier this month. This year’s theme was Supporting Families Impacted by Dementia. We had a full house in the conference center: caregivers, service providers, researchers and health care professionals coming together to discuss the importance of informal caregivers, the challenges many of them face in meeting the...

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Caring About the Caregiver

By Orion Bell | 01/10/2020

Over the holidays, I took advantage of a few days off and caught up on some books I had been intending to read. Over the past several months I had picked up quite a selection of books. This one looked interesting. That one was by an author I had read before. Another one suggested by a friend….  A short stack of good intentions, sitting on the end table…untouched. A guilty pile of pristine...

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