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Who We Are: 

Since 1908, the skilled and compassionate professionals at Benjamin Rose have supported the aging journeys of adults and those who care for them through the discovery, development and delivery of accessible, centralized programs and services that ensure each person is heard, treated with dignity and positioned for a better tomorrow.

What We Do: 

  • Provide in-person and telephone-based wellness, financial and housing services in older adults’ homes and in communities across the Greater Cleveland Area 
  • Conduct research studies related to everyday issues faced by older people and their families. We use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions. 
  • Foster informed engagement with public policy issues impacting the field of aging 

Our Impact:

  • Reach more than 10,000 older adults and caregivers annually in their homes, at community locations and by phone and email 
  • Develop knowledge used to improve health and community services related to key issues in aging, such as family caregiving and elder abuse 
  • Developed and demonstrated the effectiveness of drug-free programs for managing chronic diseases 
  • Created scientifically proven innovative solutions:

Organizational Characteristics: 

In RemembranceA lit white candle of remembrance

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging stands committed to ensuring the best quality of care for our clients and serving with compassion. The relationships that we form with our clients and their families are meaningful, and make an impact on the Benjamin Rose community which lasts beyond our service delivery.

We honor all of the clients we have served who have passed on, and those who have entrusted their hope, their well-being and their loved ones to the care of our staff. We are grateful to have been a part of their lives and promise never to forget.