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BRI Care Consultation™ is an evidence-based care-coaching program that helps professionals deliver cost-effective assistance and support to individuals with chronic conditions and family caregivers by telephone and email.

When delivered as a service of Benjamin Rose, BRI Care Consultation is known as WeCare…Because You Do.


Outcomes include:

  • Improved care
  • Reduced unmet needs
  • Less stress
  • Fewer ER and hospital visits

How does the program assist your clients?

Empowers clients to manage care

Facilitates communication with family and health care workers

Assists with locating and monitoring services

The secure online service-delivery system features:

  • Personalized assessment and reassessment
  • Action steps to guide clients with addressing their needs
  • Standardized protocols to ensure quality service
  • Built-in fidelity monitoring tools and reports
  • Over 700 educational resource links in a searchable library
  • Customizable referral management system 

How will you deliver BRI Care Consultation™?

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging provides licensing, training and technical support to organizations offering BRI Care Consultation™. Alternatively, your organization can contract with Benjamin Rose, and we can deliver the program to your clients.

License Your Organization to Deliver BRI Care Consultation BRI Care Consultation Delivered by Benjamin Rose's "WeCare...Because You Do"
  • Your staff delivers our proven-effective program
  • We provide your staff with initial and ongoing training, technical support and consultation
  • You receive customized reports, marketing tools and support
  • You receive built-in monitoring tools to ensure the program is being delivered correctly
  • We deliver the proven-effective program to the families you serve
  • Does not require trained staff from your organization
  • Immediate program availability to your clients with low upfront expenses and flexible payment structure
  • Our experienced staff deliver the program as it was developed


For more information, email us at, OR CALL (216) 373-1662.

BRI Care Consultation™ Licensed Sites:

BRI Care Consultation™ Resources:

Read about BRI Care Consultation™ on the pre-approved list of evidence-based programs available on the National Council on Aging (NCOA) website.

Read the BRI Care Consultation™ Intervention Summary on the Administration for Community Living (ACL) Aging and Disability Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (ADEPP) website.

Search for Journal Publications and Research Studies about BRI Care Consultation™ on our Publications and Research Projects pages.


"BRI Care Consultation includes a wide variety of topics and resources to  engage in discussions with clients. In addition,  the computer system is easy to navigate,  includes helpful reporting measures and is  effective in keeping our staff organized and efficient  with larger caseloads." 

— Care Consultant 

“Before BRI Care Consultation, we provided service to clients that was excellent, but focused on only immediate needs and goals. With BRI Care Consultation, we can establish relationships with clients and assist them with immediate- and long-term goals. We have found this program more suited to the changes that progressive conditions can bring to the client. The philosophy of our program has changed to be more thorough and proactive with the addition of BRI Care Consultation.” 

— Care Consultant 

“I have worked in traditional case management in the past, and find that BRI Care Consultation’s model of service allows more time to spend with families. They really appreciate the equal focus given to the needs of both the caregiver and their loved one. Many have expressed that they feel their Care Consultant is walking the journey with them, which promotes family involvement and retention.” 

— Care Consultant 



David M. Bass, PhD

Senior Vice President, Senior Research Scientist, Director of the Center for Research and Education

Dr. David Bass is Senior Vice President, Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose...

Dr. David Bass is Senior Vice President, Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. He has led over 80 funded research projects on topics such as: coping with chronic illness; family caregiving; quality of care and services; dementia and dementia care; and use and impact of formal services and informal support. Results of these investigations have been widely published in scientific and clinical journals, such as the Journal of the American Geriatric Society and The Gerontologist. Results also have been used to develop innovative programs for older adults and their family members, such as BRI Care Consultation™, which has been delivered by over 60 licensed service organizations across the US.

His current research focuses on development, testing and implementation of evidence-based programs, with a special emphasis on care for persons with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias and their family caregivers, and caregiving among diverse populations. In accord with the mission of Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, a consistent theme of Dr. Bass’ work is the translation of research into practical applications that enhance the wellness of, and quality of care for, older adults and their family members. Dr. Bass received his doctoral degree in Sociology from the University of Akron and Kent State University in 1985.

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Branka Primetica, MSW

BRI Care Consultation Program Manager

Branka Primetica is the BRI Care Consultation Program Manager for the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose Institute on Agi...

Branka Primetica is the BRI Care Consultation Program Manager for the Center for Research and Education at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. She has been part of the research team that developed BRI Care Consultation™ since 2001. Her responsibilities include: program marketing, licensing, serving as Master Trainer, providing ongoing technical support for BRI Care Consultation licensed sites, and managing day-to-day operations. Her background includes conducting research and working with family caregivers and at-risk older adults, including those with dementia and behavioral health problems. Primetica has played an integral role on several federal, state and locally funded initiatives that aimed to improve services for older adults and their family caregivers. She possesses experience in clinical practice as well as project management, including training, evaluation design, field operations, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, grant-writing and reporting. Primetica also serves as the Quality Improvement Director/Client Rights Officer for the Eldercare Services Institute, LLC at Benjamin Rose.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University and Master of Social Work from the Ohio State University.

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"BRI Care Consultation" [and design] is a service mark of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging